Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Autumn (fall)

Bismillah.. Assalamualaikum peeps..

It is suppose to be a fall season isn't it.. where all the leaves are scattered around by the wind.. but i find Mr. Bee in my bed. It made me think, musim bunga agaknya. Naihhhh.. so I let Mr. Bee to sleep on mine which made me to sleep on wani's. . She wasn't here last night. So I ask Mr.Shrek to move aside so that i could sleep tight. It was silent as ever. Bacaan yassin menemani aku sepanjang tidurku..

'Minta pada Dia setiapnya'<< this sentence keep highlight in my head. Selepas membaca di sini.. (BSA) <<kalian pergilah ke sana..pasti kalian terpanah juga.. :)

My final exam is just around the corner!!!!!!!!! a lot of reading, understanding, calculating and everything..need to be done. but i'm still here trying to find some time.. kannn..

p/s: Minta dan yakin pada Dia setiapnya... selamat berjuang semua.. :)

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