Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sweet 16th sweetheart


She is officially 16th years old. 7 years younger than me haha... tapi kami selalu bertengkar seperti sebaya.. ehh..ehh..

#last two days 
The day that i went back home. I ask superhero to send me to the bakery shop nearby to prepare all the things that i need to bake her a cake but not really baking though. But then ayah ask her to follow too.. sighh.. tak suprise laaaa... warghhhh.. never mind..

le lemonz cheeze cake :)

#last night
In the morning i made her  le cake and chilled it in the fridge. yeayy me. ask kakak to buy some candles and m&m to decorate the cake. tapi candy ape entah she bought it is not m&m hahaha.... tidak mengapa punn. So at 1030pm, we decided to give her a surprise. tadaaaa.. haha.. but she was like, everywhere with me.. ehh.. budak ni.. susah jugak. so after i saw her went into the wet kitchen i ran towards the front room. ask abang to hold the cake while i light up the candle. don't know what happen she went inside the bedroom and shut the door. adoiiii.. dia ni kannn.. so i called everyone to stand in front of her room. and guest what i blackout kan rumah.. hahahahhaha.. tapi dia tak kluaq pun dari bilik. aihhh.. so me third sister force her to open the door and surprise!!!! there it goes.

Selamat menyambut ulangtahun ke 16 Ainul Mardhiyah. :) Semoga jadi anak yang solehah dunia dan akhirat. Be good to everyone. All the best for SMA exam. Make mak, ayah and us proud. Pedulikan kata orang. yang penting pandangan Dia. ;) love you ainul. ehh.

p/s : tapi kan i think that she knows about le cake. because she keep asking me where's my cheese cake. and bla..blaa..blaaa... hahhahaha.. ishhh.. Because i never know whether i can make you another surprise.. ;')

till then 
with love akak ;)

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