Wednesday, 15 June 2011


May peace be upon you..

oh my.. hello peeps.. saying hello to no one i guess.. haha.. ok.. this last few days, i've been burning my skin under the hot sun, get stress and worse get sick. I realized that i miss mak and ayah, and all.. huwaaaaaa...
there's only few days left before the game starts. and every time i get to play (friendly-match) , sel darah merah saya bertukar warna jadi putih, automatically my face went white and pale. why laaaaaaa... why????? seriously sehinggakan i had to call out and get sitted on the bench hate the bench.

oh my!!! too cute la..

this one is quite near.. (~~) errr..

It must end. It must end. It must END.. starting with me!!!!

p/s: nervous somehow..semoga segalanya di permudahkan...and sangatlah homesick

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