Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sabtu yang lalu..

taken when the cube was empty by muggles

I knew i should've not come.. but because of you called 'F' i could not say NO (saying no is not a reason for me not to be there). It's like trying to touch the stars in the sky..what a ridiculous angan-angan..  my knee shaken..my legs cramped..my lips sealed.. All of sudden, two strangers shared their dreams together...by becoming a prince charming rescued the princess and dance through the night with 'The Beatles' song as the music background...and the queen who can make nice desserts so that the king could smile sweet mweet..

p/s: Selamat berjaya dengan impian mu 'kawan'. Kau baik. Untung dia..bimbing dia kejalanNya..Itu Tanggungjawab kau. Nanti jangan lupa jemput aku. :) tentang aku..biarkan dulu..

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  1. org kata klu nk g umah 'mak mertua' xbley masam2..senyum..:)..hihi